Valga Catholic Church Thank You Page


For the many benefactors who are helping us materially and spiritually we dedicate this thank you page. Again, you are so many, that it will be impossible to name you all, but be sure that you are always in our prayers, and that The Lord Our Father, who sees in the secret, will reward you all.

Let's start gratefully giving our recognition to Madame de Montesquieu and her cousin Comte de la Roche for their precious gift. They gave us an ancient chalice of copt origin and its companion ciborium. Sold by priests in a time of crisis, they bought it with many other sacred things and, thinking it was a pity for them to finish in a museum or something else, they have been giving them to the Church in the Eastern countries. Thus they generously gave us this precious gift, may the Lord bless them for all they are doing for the good of the Church. Andů here is the chalice:

And then, we acknowledge all of Madamme de Montesquieu's efforts to finance the reconstruction of the Church. May God bless you!!!

We cannot but recognise the offering of Archbishop McCarrick, the two priests he graciously gave for the evangelisation of this Nordic lands, and also for all the help we have received from him. May God bless in all your endeavours, and reward you for your generosity!!!

We want, with the whole people of Valga, and especially the poor, to render due thanks to Mrs. Lena Schultz, who has dedicated her life to the service of the poor in these Eastern countries. From Germany she has been providing food and clothes to the poor in Estonia, and many times she has visited us, with the company of Sr. Mary Venard, from Tallinn, with many things for the poor in Valga. God Bless you all!!!

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