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leader in small excimer lasers for industry, medicine and science

Founded in 1991 NEWEKS (formerly Newek Laser Ltd.) has developed into the market and technology leader in small excimer lasers for industrial, medical and scientific applications.

More than 600 NEWEKS lasers have been installed. Indeed, the company now dominates the world-wide small excimer laser marketplace. Our most well-known customers are NASA, US NAVY, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Ames Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory et cetera. This dominance has been achieved by the more than 15 year experience of 9 employees in laser technology. As a result, today more than 600 NEWEKS excimer lasers are hard at work from Europe through the USA, to Japan and the Pacific Rim.

Our standard product PSX-100 excimer laser have output power in the sub-Watt level, PSX-501 have multi-Watt output.

 In addition, specialized industrial, medical and scientific excimer lasers are available for many applications.


Neweks AS, 1991-2003